One of my passions is organization. I love it, I crave it and I’m generally pretty good at it! After Ellianna’s arrival, my habits started to change and the things I thought were so “easy” before became more difficult! Grocery trips are rushed, laundry is never-ending, and I’m constantly walking behind someone cleaning up their mess! On top of that, my daughter is a stage five clinger and requires all of my attention, all of the time. You thought I was done, didn’t you? Finally, I’m a wife, a blogger, a Perfectly Posh consultant, and to top it off, I AM HUMAN! So yes, I do require five minutes to myself every once in a while (if that’s even possible). I’ve found that almost every single mom I’ve ever talked to is in the same exact boat. Just treading water, trying to stay on top of everything, and win the mother of the year award at the same time. It’s exhausting. It’s unrealistic. You are not alone.

The 7 Day Time Management and Organization Challenge for Moms is designed to be realistic. We will talk about the important things like establishing realistic routines, quick and easy meal planning tips, ideas to help you fill your cup when you actually get 5 seconds of peace, etc. The idea is to create a community of women that can share their ideas, their trials, their triumphs and most of all, lean on one another for support when it seems like maybe we have too much on our plates. Being a mom is my life’s GREATEST blessing (as I’m sure it is yours) but also exhausting and a bit overwhelming! It always will be, and I’m 100% okay with that. However, there are a few simple steps I can take to relieve some of that stress and to help me become the best mom I can possibly be. Happy wife, happy life, happy mom, happy home…am I right?

Here is a quick breakdown of the specifics:

  • Day 1: How to use fringe hours to be productive.
  • Day 2: Establishing realistic routines
  • Day 3: Simple time-saving hacks
  • Day 4: 10-minute clean-up and a realistic cleaning schedule
  • Day 5: How to create a structured plan for your week
  • Day 6: Setting aside uninterrupted time with your kids
  • Day 7: How to fill your cup

Do those topics look like they would be beneficial to you? I hope so!! My ultimate goal is to help you become a happier, healthier, more productive mama!

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I’m super excited and I CAN’T wait to get to know each and every one of you! You are AMAZING moms and the inspiration behind my little home on the internet. I appreciate all that you do, and your families do too.


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The 7 Day Time Management & Organization Challenge for Moms

Strategies to Organize Your Life and Become a Happier, Healthier Mama

Establishing realistic routines

Quick and easy meal planning tips

Organizational hacks

Ideas to help you fill your cup

And so much more!

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