This might sound crazy, but when I first found out I was having a baby, all I could think about was decorating a nursery. I have wanted to create the perfect nursery since I was a little girl and I couldn’t WAIT to get started. Of course, I began by pinning like crazy the second I saw the two pink lines. However, there wasn’t much I could do until I knew the sex of our little one. Needless to say, the planner in me was counting down the days to our 20-week ultrasound. I NEEDED to know if it was going to be “pink” or “blue.” You can imagine my excitement when I found out we were going to be decorated with all things PINK! We literally ran to Pottery Barn Kids that weekend to register (no shame). After lots of research, hours of shopping, and a ton of Pinterest “ing”, I finally figured out how to create a gorgeous nursery for our baby girl.

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Rocking Chair / Pillow / Blanket

Tips on How to Create a Gorgeous Nursery:

Choose a Theme

No matter what the sex of your baby is, it’s super important to find a theme. Your theme doesn’t have to be insanely specific, it just needs to flow. For example, you could pick a very detailed theme such as the big hungry caterpillar, or a very broad theme such as elephants, or navy blue. As you can see from our pictures, my theme was blush pink. All the items that we chose worked around that! If the sex of your baby is going to be a mystery (HOW FUN!) then you can choose something like light gray, animals or pastels.

Rocking Chair/ Ottoman / Night Stand / Pillow / Blanket / Table Lamp / Elephant Toy / Picture Frames

Choose a Wall Color

This may not seem really important, but in order to make sure your room comes together nicely, you want to make sure that your wall color meshes well. For example, if you are adding solid navy blue elements to a room, you don’t necessarily want dark navy blue walls. Instead, you might want to add navy blue stripes, or paint the walls a pale gray. If you are adding elements with navy blue accents than those dark walls might look amazing! Honestly, the possibilities are endless! It’s just important to know what your vision is to avoid overdoing it when it comes to the color. Since Ellianna’s furniture was white, I decided that choosing pink walls wouldn’t be “too much” and it added that feminine touch I was looking for.

Picture Frames / Elephant Toy / Table Lamp / Night Stand

Table Lamp / Night Stand / Elephant Toy 

Find Durable, High-Quality Furniture

Wherever you choose to get your furniture from, make sure it’s high quality and durable. This does not translate to expensive. It simply means, make sure you are buying something that will last you through several babies, and/or will transition to your child’s “big kid” bedroom. When we chose Ellianna’s furniture, we made sure that we could purchase a single bed that would match for the future. We will not have to re-purchase a dresser, a nightstand, or a bookshelf. These items will all be used as she continues to grow. The rocking chair was a big splurge, but I love it SO much. I have spent countless hours rocking my sweet baby in that chair and it has served us well. We plan to transition that chair into the nurseries of our future children. In addition, when we are done having babies, we can replace the rocking portion of the chair with solid legs. This will allow it to be transferred to any room in our home. Worth the splurge? I think so!

My point: just like the furniture in the rest of your home, nursery furniture is not cheap. Try to choose an option that you can get good use out of in the future. It will make spending the extra money seem a little more worthwhile.

Dresser / Picture Frame / Diaper Pail / Basket / Wipe Warmer / Changing Pad / Changing Pad Cover

Butterfly Accents

Add Cozy Elements

There is nothing in this world quite like a cozy nursery. Not only do you want your baby to feel safe, secure and happy in their room, but you also want to feel at home. You are going to spend a LOT of time in there over the course of your baby’s first year or two.

So how can you go about making a nursery cozy? I have found that these six things make a big difference:

  • 1. Add pictures to the walls
  • 2. Include plush accents
  • 3. Make sure to include table and/or floor lighting
  • 4. Add a touch of floral or greenery
  • 5. Include blankets, pillows, and baskets
  • 6. Add a floor rug (if you don’t already have carpet)

A combination of these elements is what made our nursery really come together!

 Plush Lamb Floor Mat 

Picture Frame/ Dresser / Changing Pad / Changing Pad Cover

Rocking Chair / Pillow / Blanket

Add a Book Shelf

When Ellie was first born we didn’t have a book shelf. We ended up refinishing an old wooden shelf that my parents had and adding it to her room in her third month of life. Books are SO important. You will begin reading to your baby right away. It’s such a wonderful way to bond with your children and a great way to keep them engaged and learning all the time! Ellianna absolutely loves books and I’m so happy that we have them in her nursery. There are many nights that she and I will curl up in her rocking chair and read several books at a time. It’s a place to cuddle, snuggle and learn together. Make your child’s nursery a place to gather. It should be a place they WANT to be. Books will help you do that.


Plush Lamb Rocker

Add that Touch of “Girly”

All of the things we have discussed up until this point could be used for both boys and girls! There isn’t anything particularly “girly” about the advice above. So how exactly do you add that “girly” element?! The key to creating a gorgeous nursery: it’s all in the theme and the accent decor.

  •  Choose a feminine color. For us, this was blush pink. I have always associated little baby girls with pink, so it was the obvious choice for me. My mom created a nursery at her house with purple and blue hues and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Whatever color you choose, make sure there is a touch of “girly” in there to create that feminine feel.
  • Add soft elements. What do I mean by soft? In Ellie’s room, we added things like the tulle canopy over her bed, the changing table basket with a hit of sparkle, and a small glass vase with blush pink flowers. In addition, I included white fluffy butterflies on the wall and chose a lamb as her nursery animal.
  • Choose beautiful lighting that accents the room. We added a little crystal chandelier to the ceiling and picked sparkly floor and table lighting with blush pink shades. Nothing says “girl” quite like sparkles. I’m not talking tacky sparkles (I’m sure as girl mom’s we’ll see enough of that as they age). I’m talking soft, subtle, feminine sparkles.

Canopy / Crib / Bedding / Mesh Crib Liner /

Changing Table Basket / Changing Pad / Changing Pad Cover / Dresser

What do you think about these tips on how to create a gorgeous nursery?

Maybe your style isn’t quite as girly. Maybe you like a more rustic appeal, or maybe pink is NOT your color. Perhaps you are looking for something more neutral and a little less “frilly.” That’s okay! The essential elements of a nursery are pretty much all the same. Just make sure it’s a place you want to be, your baby wants to be, and a place you will remember fondly as you reflect on memories of your child in the future.

What elements did you add to your nursery to make it welcoming and warm? Please share in the comments below!

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