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Before Ellianna was born, I spent a ton of time searching for unique ways to take her monthly photos. I wanted to be prepared, because I knew that when she arrived I wouldn’t have time to be worrying about the “perfect” set-up. I had seen several options on Pinterest, but I wanted something a little different.

First of all, I wanted something consistent. I didn’t want a different backdrop every month. I wanted the backdrop to be a space in my home that I could quickly throw together without a ton of fuss. Second, I wanted a consistent outfit. I knew if I chose a specific outfit I would have a hard time maintaining consistency as she grew. Therefore, I had to come up with another solution. Third, I wanted it to flow with the theme of her nursery so that I could display the photographs in her bedroom.

I scoured the internet for cute ideas, searched Etsy for adorable monthly stickers and onesies, and went back and forth a million times on how I wanted to set it up. Finally (after a lot of unnecessary debate) I came up with a solution!

What Did I Do?

I had seen several adorable pictures on Pinterest in which mama’s placed their babies in some sort of staged basket with a very simple outfit and background. I really liked the way this looked and felt it was the best option for us! To save money, I decided to put the look together on my own.


My vision was to have a basket low enough in the front for me to be able to see Ellie’s number on her onesie. If that isn’t as important to you, a higher basket will work as well. Whatever basket you choose, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. A simple basket or bucket that you have laying around will work just fine! Galvanized buckets also look adorable with this set-up. 

To top it off, the basket and/or bucket can be used around the house when you are finished with your monthly updates! Win-win!

Here are some unique options:


I wanted some sort of filler for the basket that matched our theme. It was important to me that we didn’t choose anything too messy or crazy because I knew I would be snapping pictures on the go. In addition, I also wanted it to be snuggly for her to sit in during the early days. My mom and I scoured the shelves at our local fabric store to find something extra soft. I was pretty pleased with the results.

If you don’t like the pink, fuzzy look you can use any type of fabric and/or filler! It all depends on what type of feel you are going for. A simple white blanket will do!

Here is fabric similar to what I used:

The Banner:

Many people choose to leave the basket alone and snap the picture as-is. These photos turn out beautifully and the method works really well!  I decided that I wanted to include a little something extra. I opted for a banner on the front of the basket to coordinate with her numbered onesie. It was really easy to make! I simply chose a font online, printed it out, and traced the numbers and letters onto the transfer paper!

Adding in the “s” after her first month was a simple fix. (I neglected to add it the second month, but we can pretend it’s there!) If you like this look, you can put together a banner on your own (like I did) or simply order a premade banner online.

Here are the supplies I used: 



The Onesies:

I didn’t want to buy pre-made onesies for Ellie because I wasn’t sure how fast she was going to grow. It was important to me to have a onsie that matched the banner and the blanket I had purchased. I decided to grab extra fabric and iron it on as needed.

Here are the supplies I used to do this quickly and easily:


Additional Items:

To boost Ellie up in the basket for the first several months of her life I put a few tiny decorative pillows underneath the blanket. This helped to safely prop her up for the picture. You could also use a thick blanket or towels to achieve the same effect.

I tried to choose bows that matched the color of her onesie. I had several pink bows from the outfits people had purchased and never had to buy anything specific. If you have a little boy, bows won’t even be necessary!

How do you take monthly photos of your child? Did you create a custom setup or pre-order something from an online shop?! I would love to see everyone’s creative ideas!




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