My favorite place is the entire world is our humble little abode! I love to decorate it. I obsess over good home decor and have a strong desire for good aesthetics. Despite those obsessions, I’ll be the first to admit, one of the things it’s lacking is pretty wall art. I have so many ideas about what I want in mind, but I can never quite see past the price tag. I keep telling myself that SOMEDAY, my walls will be filled with all of the things that bring me joy. For now, I’m okay with scarcity. Despite my lack of wall art in most of my home, I didn’t want to leave the walls of my daughter’s playroom empty. There is something about a playroom. It needs that hint of “coziness.” One way to add that feel is to fill the walls with all things pretty! As I mentioned before, I hate to spend an arm and a leg on decor. So how exactly did I create affordable wall art for our playroom? Drumroll please….free paint chips.

I’m sure you have seen posts about paint chip art before. People can create some truly amazing pieces with a simple array of paint chips. I’ve seen geometric objects, 3D images, and colors layered on top of one another to create gorgeous rainbow colored animals. I’m not quite so talented. I can pull together your average art and craft project, but I’m not the best when it comes to imagination. The perfectionist in me tends to get frustrated and the final product never get’s finished. Therefore, I decided to keep the wall art for our playroom simple, easy, and most importantly, affordable.

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What Tools and Supplies Will I Need to Create Affordable Wall Art for a Playroom?

1. The main ingredient (paint chips) is completely free at your local hardware store. WIN! I used a combination of pink, purple and yellow to go with the theme of our playroom. All you need to do is choose a color theme and then drive to the store. Easy peasy.

  • Note: This website is an AWESOME resource. Simply upload an image that has the “look” you are going for and it will instantly pull out a beautiful color palette for you to use!

2. You will need one (or several) decorative paper punch tools. I purchased these in the shapes of butterflies, circles, and hearts so that I could make three separate pieces.

3. Card stock is a must. I used a textured white card stock for the background. I felt like the texture provided some dimension.

4. In order to make the images seem as if they were “jumping off the page,” I used these sticky dots to attach each individual piece to the background. They are easy to use and the leftovers will come in handy for all kinds of household crafts! 

5. The great thing about picture frames is that they come in every shape, size, and color! You can get really creative with the frames that you choose. For our purposes, I simply purchased three square, white picture frames with white matting. They worked really well on our collage wall and they were on sale! Win-Win! 

6. Extra Items: You will want to grab a ruler, a pair of scissors and a pencil/eraser. These will be necessary for measuring and cutting the paper to size.

The Creation Process

The process of creating each design is really easy. I didn’t get too crazy with my designs. I simply put the butterflies in a diagonal shape, staggered the circles, and placed the hearts in “neat” little rows! There are quotes here because I’m sure you can tell my hearts aren’t quite so “neat.” My daughter kept smacking the paper while I was crafting and I decided to keep it that way since she “helped” me to create it. Super simple, right? You can get more creative, add a layering effect, use multiple colors, etc. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Super simple, right? You can get more creative, add a layering effect, use multiple colors, etc. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Step-By-Step Guide

Step #1: Cut your background paper to size.

Step #2: Measure the area that you want your design to cover. Mark the area with a pencil so that it can be erased later on. (I marked a square section for each and made sure to stay within that square.)

Step #3: Use your decorative paper punch to cut out several shapes in each desired color. I punched out multiple shapes at a time to make the process a little faster.

Step #4: Lay out your design without a sticky backing first. Use a pencil to mark exactly where you want each cut-out to be placed.

Step #5: Apply the adhesive backing to each cutout and place it on the desired pencil mark.

Step #6: Clean the frame and put it together.


Your project is done!

I wasn’t kidding, was I? It’s SO simple. These little works of art are by no means “masterpieces,” but they are really fun for our playroom and they add a little something extra to the room for a super affordable price!

You could even have your children complete this activity at home on a rainy day! Paint chip art is a really fun activity for the whole family!

Below, you can download a complete list of supplies and directions to make this project quickly and easily!

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